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Centennial History Book

A book of the history of First Mennonite Church, Hutchinson is in the making!

We have contracted with June Galle Krehbiel, freelance writer and copyeditor, for this project. To gather the needed information, the Centennial Committee is asking you to submit information and/or photographs that could be used to make the history more complete.

Why? You have specific memories others do not have. Whether you have been here since birth or have started attending recently, your story contributes to our congregation’s history. You might update one part of the 1997 printed history, or offer another story that affirms your faith development or the mission and service of First Mennonite.

We hope the book can be completed by fall 2022 for our celebration on October 22-23, 2022.


What one specific part of the church has been important to you or someone you know? Write that story, or ask someone to write it for you. Or write a short history of one area of church ministry with facts. Children too may want to write what they like about church.

Please share this form broadly with others who may have a story to contribute.  As you consider your story, you may consider topics like these:

Childhood, Church family, Worship, Christian Ed, Baptism/Membership, Communion, Leadership, Youth group, Women’s/Men’s group, Bible study, Wednesday night activities, Music, Visual Arts, and other ministries of service/peacemaking within or outside the church


The story of the church is most complete with photos of individuals and small and large groups. You may use the form below to upload and submit digital photos. Please fill in names of people pictured (left to right), event or activity, year or decade, name of photographer or contributor. For people in lines, list front row first. If you are unsure about a name or year, make a guess and put a question mark. Color or black and white photos can be used.

*Please note: If you are submitting a photo of persons who are not part of First Mennonite, especially children, we will probably need written permission before we can use the photo.

To submit printed photo, write information about it on the front of an envelope. Put the photo into the envelope and mail it to 52 Rambler Rd Hutchinson KS 67502 or put it in the PHOTO box in the church foyer.

To get started, use the form below. Think “who, what, when, where, why, how” to provide complete information.

Centennial History Book Submission Form

Thank you for helping to make this centennial book a reality!! 

Centennial Committee:
Delon Martens, Julie Esau, Julie Goering, Russ Gaeddert, Tonya Ramer Wenger

History Book Sub-committee (still in formation):
Bonnie Swenson and others