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Ten Commandments for Lighthearted Living

Shared on Holy Humor Sunday

  1. Make up your mind that no matter what happens, you’re going to be a happy person. After all, you’re created in God’s image!
  2. Start each day with a smile. Why not skip the world news and turn to the “good news”?
  3. Keep smiling. People will wonder what you’re up to!
  4. If you should meet someone who hasn’t got a smile, give them yours.
  5. Laugh at your dumb mistakes before others have a chance to.
  6. Laugh with your spouse and your marriage will improve with age.
  7. Laugh with your kids and they’ll never stop loving you.
  8. Laugh with your neighbors; remember Jesus said to go the extra smile.
  9. Laugh a lot; God created you a humor being!
  10. Do not give up. Moses was once a basket case.

AND … remember: Angels fly because they take themselves lightly!