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This week at FMC

THIS WEEK @ FMC – March 20-26, 2024

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While [Jesus] was at Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, as he sat at the table, a woman came with an alabaster jar of very costly ointment of nard, and she broke open the jar and poured the ointment on his head.  (Mark 14:3)

For five Sundays now in a row we have come to the communion table as part of worship to encounter and be filled with the presence of the living Christ. We cannot explain it precisely, but we know there is something to the experience of those Emmaus Rd disciples who didn’t recognize Jesus until he blessed and broke break with them.  I hope as we’ve settled into a new worship rhythm with communion you have had your eyes opened in new ways to Jesus with us.

This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday. We’ll remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem in Mark 11, where we hear ordinary folk calling out “Hosanna!” and see them spreading their cloaks and branches on the ground for Jesus’ colt to walk on.  As my friend Steve Garnass Holmes, puts it, “Hosanna” is not “Hooray!” But “Save us, we beg you!” Which is such a general prayer, and yet sometimes is all we’ve got when we are overwhelmed by many needs, concerns and fears. 

We will also consider this Sunday another table story: the story of the woman who interrupted a dinner party when she poured out very expensive perfume on Jesus’ head, an act of extravagance some in the room scolded her for.  But Jesus affirmed her action, saying she had anointed him for burial.  This story reminds us of what is on the horizon for Jesus.  Her extravagant love shines bright in the valley of the shadow of death … in a small way mirroring the extravagant love of God poured out for this world.  Extravagant love still overflowing for us through the Risen Christ, who meets us in the breaking of bread today, and who hears our cries of “Save us, we beg you!” 

We will celebrate communion again this Sunday during worship and again as part of our Maundy Thursday worship service on March 28 at 6:00pm. 

On Easter Sunday our breakfast potluck feast will serve as our communion celebration.  Please plan to be seated in the fellowship hall by 9am for brief Easter Morning Prayers followed by our communion feast.We invite you to bring a dish to share and your own table service if possible.  Drinks will be provided.  After the potluck we’ll transition upstairs for Worship at 10:00am in the sanctuary and on livestream.

Blessings as we turn with Jesus toward Jerusalem and all the events of Holy Week yet to unfold.

Pastor Tonya



The link to join is on our website:  Join 5 minutes early for announcements.  The bulletin can be found under the BULLETINS tab on our home page.

SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 2024 – Palm Sunday

Triumphal Entry (and Anointing at Bethany)

Hosanna! King of all, you reign over all. Reign in our lives, triumph over evil, and teach us to follow in your footsteps. Amen.

Mark 11:1-11 and 14:3-9; (Psalm 118:25-29)

  • Preacher: Tonya Ramer Wenger
  • Worship Leader: Jon Miller
  • Children’s Time: Stephanie Gehring & Trae Gehring
  • Scripture Reader: Delon Martens
  • Pianist: Shelley Kauffman
  • Ushers: Russ Gaeddert & Diane Ziemer
  • Nursery Attendant: Kris & Joyce Lindenberger
  • Sound Tech: Murray Reimer
  • Live Stream Tech: Jonathan Wenger


During each worship service, you are invited to text your prayer joys and concerns – usually to Pastor Tonya.  You are also invited to send prayer joys & concerns during the week. The recording of our worship service is public, so let us know if you’d prefer your request to only be shared via email during the week.  


Announcements are scrolled Sunday mornings before and after worship.  There will be no spoken announcements unless there are pressing announcements that did not make it into the PowerPoint. Please send any announcements you’d like to have included to the church office by Thursday each week. 


We welcome, and are grateful for, your financial donations to our ministry here in Hutchinson.  Instead of collecting an offering during worship (except on special occasions), an offering box is placed at the back of the sanctuary for your Sunday morning donations.  You can also now make a donation directly from our website ( using a credit card or your banking account.  You are also welcome to send a check to 52 Rambler Rd Hutchinson KS 67502. 


  • March 20 – Faith Formation Coordination Team @ 4:30pm
  • March 20 – Choir rehearsal (5:30) and Wednesday Night @ First activities
  • March 22 – Singing Group @ Wenger’s (potluck at 6:00pm, singing at 7:00pm)
  • March 26-29 – Stations of the Cross: Tuesday 9am-2pm, Wednesday-Friday noon-7pm (8pm on Friday)
  • March 28 – Maundy Thursday Meal/Worship (at 6:00pm)
  • March 31 – Easter Worship begins at 9am with an Easter Breakfast Potluck; 10am Worship in the sanctuary
  • April 7 – Western District Conference Listening Team during the Sunday School hour (everyone invited!)
  • April 12-13 – Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale

REMINDER:  If you are last one out of the church building, be SURE the doors lock behind you.

DEEPENING in Christ…


A Prayer group meets Thursday mornings from 10-11am in the Prayer Room.  All are welcome. 

A small ecumenical Centering Prayer group meets on Thursdays (in person @ FMC) from 12:30-1:30pm.  If you’d like to learn more, contact Pastor Tonya.    

LPC: Listening-Prayer-Conversation Groups

These groups meet for an hour once/month in the Common Grounds room and are facilitated by Pastor Tonya.  The format allows for time in prayer by yourself and also with the group.  Any are welcome to join, or to just come and check it out! It’s also possible to join on Zoom if you prefer.

  • The Tuesday group meets 1:00pm on Tuesday, March 19 and 1:00pm on Tuesday April 9
  • The Wednesday evening group next meeting is at 6:30 on Wednesday, April 10


CHILDREN’S CLASSES: Living the Good News (Shine curriculum from MennoMedia)

  • Preschool-3rd grade – meet in the basement classrooms
  • 4th-6th grade – meet upstairs in Jr Youth room

SENIOR YOUTH (8th-12th grade) meet upstairs in Sr Youth room

DURING LENT: COMBINED ADULT CLASS in Fellowship Hall:  Bach’s Mass in B minor

This Sunday Calvin Buller will lead us in listening to the “Credo”from Bach’s Mass in B minor. The “Credo” uses the text of the Nicene Creed.

And, the YOUNGER ADULTS CLASS meeting in the library.  For more details, talk with Maggie or Adam Pounds. 

LENT 2024: Formed, Filled & Sent: Encountering Jesus in the Gospel, at the Table, & on the Road

This year our Lenten journey will explore how we are formed, filled and sent as we encounter Jesus in the Gospel of Mark, at the Lord’s Table, and on the Road of our daily discipleship journey.  The 40 days of Lent offer many opportunities to encounter Jesus:

            … in the Gospel (good news!) stories, alongside the disciples and all kinds of other characters

            … at the Lord’s Table, where we believe the Risen Christ is revealed in the breaking of the bread

            … and on the Road, as we encounter Jesus in our ordinary lives, growing as disciples here and now

Unique to this year’s Lenten worship experience will be the invitation to come to the Lord’s Table each of the Sundays of Lent and on Maundy Thursday.  


  • Tuesday, March 26 – 9am-2pm
  • Wednesday, March 27 – noon-5:30pm
  • Thursday, March 28 – noon-7pm
  • Friday, March 29 – noon-8pm

EASTER: March 31, 2024

9:00am Easter worship begins in the fellowship hall around tables (plan to be seated by 9am) for a brief Easter Morning Prayer and communion feast as we share a Breakfast Potluck (bring a dish to share & your own table service).

10:00am We’ll transition to the sanctuary for our regular worship service, including filling the cross with flowers.  (There will be no Sunday School that day.)


Spring is here, but these chilly mornings and evenings are still great times to spend with a good book. Check out the great reads in our church library, including the books on the north window ledge, shared by Pastor Tonya. Listen to what contemporary authors are saying about questions and issues relevant to faithful witness in our world today. In addition to the books Pastor Tonya is sharing, the library has acquired many new books. Come . . . relax . . . find inspiration . . . take comfort . . . and be challenged to faithful Christian witness. There’s a book for every reader right here in our library!!

UPPER ROOM and REJOICE! devotional magazines

UPPER ROOM is available above the mailboxes. If you would like a copy of REJOICE! please let the church office know so we can replenish our supply. Please let us know if you would like a copy mailed to you.

STRENGTHENING Community Connections…


  • Tuesday and Thursday 9:00am – 2:00pm
  • Wednesday 10:00am – 1:00pm (NO Wednesday office hours March 27)


Office hours:

  • Monday: Day Off
  • Tuesday-Friday: generally working 8:00am-5:30pm 
  • “In Office” Hours:  9-2 Tuesday and Thursday; 10-1 on Wednesday
  • Available other times by appointment.
  • Available evenings and weekends (cell phone is most reliable)

Upcoming “Day Apart with God” dates (for silence, reading, prayer & journaling – will NOT be checking email or responding to texts/calls (except for emergencies).  Typically this is the 4th Wednesday of the month.  The next date is: Wednesday March 27 (8am-5pm)

Pastor Tonya’s Sabbatical dates (spread out between summer 2023-summer 2025)

Pastor Tonya has joined a study program called, “Transforming Community.” Retreats take place in Chicago. Her next scheduled retreat is June 30-July 2.

A more extended chunk of sabbatical time will be taken in the summer of 2024: June 30-July 4 (for retreat) + July 23-August 9.


Potluck begins at 6:00pm (bring a dish to share!).  Informal hymn sing from Voices Together (and other songbooks as we are inspired!) will begin around 7:00pm. Additional instruments are welcome (piano provided!).  In April, we’ll gather Friday April 19 (6:00 potluck, 7:00 singing).

WNAF (WEDNESDAY NIGHTS AT FIRST) SERIES ends with a final session March 20

Join us for a 4-session series on Wednesday evenings:

  • 5:30-6:30 Choir Rehearsal in the sanctuary (also on March 27!)
  • 6:00-7:00 Meal Served (donations welcome to cover expenses)
  • 7:00-8:00 Adult Program and Children’s Activities

The adult program will be led by Pastor Tonya and Pastor Jim, on the theme: Centered on Jesus & Connected in Community – Rooting Ourselves in a Better Jesus Story. We will explore practical themes raised by Mark D. Baker in his book Centered-Set Church: Discipleship and Community Without Judgmentalism.  Contact the church office for the zoom link if you’d like to join remotely.  Upcoming sessions:

March 20 – Moving forward, how do we engage in Jesus-Centered peacemaking? (Pastor Tonya & Pastor Jim)

The children’s activities will be led by Martha Miller, on the theme “Kids Can Know the Way.”  Thank you to those who have volunteered to assist Martha with the children’s activities.


Thank you for your generosity in helping us reach our funding goal of $4,000 to initiate our installation of solar panels. Our team has also been installing more energy efficient light bulbs in our building and is preparing to transition our internet and phone service to IdeaTek. If you have any questions or feedback, please bring your ideas to one of our members.     – Allen Yoder, Dohn Fast, Jay Gehring


On April 7, three representatives from Western District Conference (WDC): Heidi Regier Kreider (WDC Conference Minister), Kathy Neufeld Dunn (WDC Associate Conference Minister), and Wendy Funk Schrag (member of First Mennonite Church, Newton, and member of the Listening Process Planning Team), will be visiting our congregation as part of WDC’s conference-wide Listening Tour this year. The purpose of the Listening Tour is to empower the vitality of WDC congregations by hearing their stories, offering ongoing relationship, and supporting their witness and mission. All adults and youth are invited to participate in listening session after worship on Sunday April 7, beginning at 10:45am and ending by 12:15pm (snacks will be provided).  This will include times of conversation in response to these questions from WDC about our ministries and hopes for the future: 1. Can you tell about a time when you’ve felt most alive and vibrant as a congregation, or as a participant of the congregation? 2. What is foundational and reassuring about this congregation that has helped in difficult times? 3. What activities or ministries are most important for your congregation now in fully carrying out God’s work? 4. What do you hope for the future for your church and what resources from WDC would be helpful for that?

We encourage everyone to participate in this conversation! Responses from our discussion will be shared back with the congregation, and at the conclusion of the listening process a summary of themes will be compiled by WDC to share with WDC constituency and used to guide ongoing resourcing for congregations in WDC.

ARMS WIDE OPEN – FMC’s history book

The amazing story of First Mennonite Church’s 100 years is told in the history book prepared for our centennial celebration. Copies of the book are available for $25.00 (cash or check). You can also purchase a book online at a price that includes the cost of shipping (click on the “DONATE” button on our website to find this option).   Check with the church office to pick up a book.

STRETCHING to Serve as Christ Served…


March: Canned vegetables, especially green beans

Personal care/hygiene items such as these are appreciated anytime: toilet paper, laundry detergent, bath soap, Kleenex, deodorant, disposable razors, paper towels, shampoo, dish soap, hand/body lotion, toothpaste and toothbrushes.  Travel size – new & unopened – are desirable.


Thank you to all who have volunteered to help this coming Saturday!!  If you have questions, contact Jean Gaeddert.


We are calling on you to consider the opportunity to make a difference with our eight young adults who are living at the LightHouse. We are excited to partner with Life Launch out of Tulsa, Oklahoma to provide a mentorship model to foster the healing power of safe, unpaid adult relationships for the LightHouse residents. Life Launch places 2-4 adults with one mentee to walk with them for a year. Mentees can be 18-24 years of age and currently residing at the LightHouse. Mentors will be asked to communicate with mentees weekly in a group text and hang out with their mentee for 3-8 hours a month. While you are a mentor, our team will walk with you throughout the year, continually coaching and training you as you build a relationship with your mentee. The goal of our program is for our mentees to be safe, secure and build a positive relationship.  If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please talk with Pastor Jim.

KANSAS MENNONITE MEN’S CHORUS concerts on April 7 and April 21
Please join KMMC at one or both of our concerts this year:

  • April 7, 4:00pm at Bethel College, Memorial Hall
  • April 21, 4:00pm at Tabor College, Performing Arts Center, Richert Auditorium

Joining the chorus this year will be the Newton Children’s Community Choir, the Flannelbacks and the Menno Brass. A freewill offering at each event will be received to support the work of Mennonite Central Committee.

KANSAS MENNONITE RELIEF SALE – April 12-13, 2024 announcements

Calling all bakers! Pie tins and zwieback bags are now available on the table in the foyer for donations to the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale.  The pie committee is asking for 20 pies from FMC and the baked goods committee would like for us to provide 40 dozen zwieback.  There are signs with the bags and pie tins that provide suggestions for pie fillings and other baked goods. Unfortunately, Todd and I have to be out of town during the weekend of the sale (April 12-13) so we are unable to deliver our church’s donations. If you are unable to deliver your own items to the Meadowlark building (the quilt auction building) Friday morning, please let me know and we will help you find someone to deliver for you. Thanks in advance for your generous donations time and baking talents!  – Todd & Julie

MCC Sale Children’s Auction – Consider donating new, in-the-package, items to this year’s auction! Talk with the youth in your church to see what items they would like to bid on, but you can never go wrong with Hot Wheels, Barbie, board games, Lego sets, art kits, and sports equipment.  Items may be given to your MCC Liaison for delivery to Sale.

2024 Run/Walk for Relief 5k – Sat April 13, 2024, 8:00 AM – Rice Park, Hutchinson, KS  If you are looking for an easy way to support MCC efforts, please consider sponsoring Jean Gaeddert in the Run for Relief again this year. Your donations are always greatly appreciated! (Please give your donation to Jean / checks made out to KMRS). Thank you!

QUILTER’S CORNER welcomes your donated QUILT-RELATED ITEMS – used/unused/unfinished. Please label clearly – QUILTER’S CORNER – and drop off at the MCC Center in North Newton or contact Julie Esau. Suggested items are finished/unfinished quilt tops or quilt blocks, old and damaged quilts, quilt supplies and tools, cloth sacks, quilt books and patterns, notions and cotton fabric.

WANTED—Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, RV’s, Campers, Tractors, Modern Farm Equipment, etc. for the KS MCC Sale. Items you no longer need can help Feed and Clothe Thousands in desperate living conditions. ALL donations are Tax Deductible. Call Jerry Toews for info: 620 367 8257. Help make a difference.   – KMR Sale Committee

CAMP MENNOSCAH announcements

Scholarship funds are needed for summer youth camps.  Just as facilities are an important part of Camp Mennoscah’s ministry, so are campers.  There are campers who are unable to come to camp without assistance.  Give to the Scholarship Fund or Scholarship Endowment to help more campers learn about Christ while in God’s creation.  Mark your donation with the fund/endowment you prefer.  The Scholarship Endowment will give up to two full scholarships a year, depending on earnings. Contact or 620-297-3290 for more information.

We will put the dam back in on March 24 at 2pm.  Everyone is welcome to help or watch.  The process of putting the boards back in is not for young ages due to the ungainly size and weight of the boards, but watching is great!  The dam goes back in a couple of weeks before Men and Boys Retreat with the hope of washing out the fishing holes.  Be there for the beginning of canoe and kayak fun!

Nurses, head cooks, kitchen staff and maintenance volunteers are needed for every week of camp.  The summer camps range from 3 to 6 days and begin June 9.  Contact us at 620-297-3290 or if you are interested.

There are openings for the Spring Scrapbook and Crafts Retreat, April 19-21!  Lodging will be in the bunkhouses and activities will be in the Dining Hall.  Bunkhouses are heated and space heaters will be available for the Dining Hall, if the weather is cool.  This retreat is later than usual, so we’re hoping for balmy spring weather for good walks and beautiful nature.  Register here! 

The application for 2024 Summer Staff at Camp Mennoscah is open!  Summer staff must be 18 years old or older.  The staff leadership positions receiving stipends are naturalist, crafts leader, lifeguard, grounds/maintenance, music leader, and office/media.  Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled. The 2024 summer camp season begins June 2 with orientation for summer-long positions and ends August 4.  We can’t wait to hear from you! 


Women & Girls Save the Date! Edimental Gardening for Every Growing Space, featuring Renata Goossen will be sponsored by Western District Women in Mission at Faith Mennonite Church, Newton KS on Friday, April 19. The schedule is: 5 p,m – 6 p.m. Browse and purchase plants from Renata’s Plant Bus. Bring a salad to share for supper to start at 6 p.m.. The evening program, 6:30 – 7:30, will feature music by Prairie Highway and Renata speaking on her topic of edimental gardening, plants that are both edible and ornamental. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more details about the evening schedule and our other WDWM activities. 


Want to visit someone in prison? OVM (Offender/Victim Ministries) has been visiting inmates at Hutchinson Correctional Facility for 50 years, and we are looking for new volunteers. M-2 is a visitation program for inmates with few outside visits; volunteers are paired with an inmate and visit one evening a month for conversation and encouragement. Apply for M-2 at and mark your calendar for one of the upcoming volunteer trainings: March 18, May 20, or July 15, 12:30-4pm. Contact Kenzie Brister to learn more ( or 316-281-4721).

MENNONITE MISSION NETWORK (MMN) gratitude for FMC’s contribution

Thank you for joining Mennonite Mission Network through your generous donation of $2.530.50 in 2023. In the past year, we have partnered with 116 organizations and churches worldwide and have 78 workers and partners ministering in 45 countries. We are grateful for your continued commitment to our shared mission and look forward to updating you on the impact of your donations. Blessings to you as you continue to be a beacon of God’s light in your community and beyond.  – Marisa Smucker, Executive Director, MMN

BETHEL COLLEGE announcements

Kauffman Museum, an affiliate of Bethel College, seeks a full-time Traveling Exhibits Coordinator. Applicants should be willing to travel to venues across North America, be able to coordinate exhibit scheduling and contracts, possess exceptional interpersonal skills, have mechanical aptitude, be able to work independently and do physical labor, and enjoy working with volunteers at a variety of venues. For the link to a complete job description, see

Now in the Regier Art Gallery in Luyken Fine Arts Center at Bethel College – “Transmutation Speculation: Fluid Nature,” works by Marguerite Perret, through March 22. Gallery hours are Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Sun. 2-4 p.m.

Fri., March 22, Sat., March 23, Sun., March 24 – Spring play at Bethel College, Rancho Mirage by Steven Dietz, Fri. & Sat., 7:30 p.m., Sun., 2 p.m. matinee, Krehbiel Auditorium in Luyken Fine Arts Center. Friday evening performance interpreted for the d/Deaf community. Ticket purchase required (buy on campus weekdays at Thresher Shop; online at; or at the door). NOTE: Adult content, not suitable for children.

Fri., March 22 – Bethel College’s Faculty Lecture Series continues with Jennifer Chappell Deckert, associate professor of social work, “Begin with the Body: Somatic Listening for Trauma Healing,” 11 a.m.Kidron Hall at Kidron Bethel Village

Fri., March 22, Sat., March 23, Sun., March 24 – Spring play at Bethel College, Rancho Mirage by Steven Dietz, Fri. & Sat., 7:30 p.m., Sun., 2 p.m. matineeKrehbiel Auditorium in Luyken Fine Arts Center. Friday evening performance interpreted for the d/Deaf community. Ticket purchase required (buy on campus weekdays at Thresher Shop; online at; or at the door). NOTE: Adult content, not suitable for children.

Fri., March 22 – Wingspan Game Night at Kauffman Museum (2801 N. Main St., North Newton), 7 p.m. All welcome, whether expert or beginner; those under 14 must be accompanied by an adult game partner. Cost is $5 per adult, $3 for anyone 16 and younger, and includes snacks, beverages and Wingspan games to use. Held in conjunction with the museum’s current special exhibition, “A Day with the Birds”; see

All interested singers are invited to participate in Bethel College’s annual Masterworks concert, to be held April 28, featuring Benjamin Britten’s Rejoice in the Lamb and Ralph Vaughn Williams’ Dona Nobis Pacem. Scores are available starting March 18 and rehearsals begin Tuesday, April 2. Sign up online at so that your contact information is available for digital rehearsal materials, etc., or come to the first rehearsal April 2, 6 p.m., Choir Room in Luyken Fine Arts Center at Bethel College.


Coats for Asylum Seekers in Brownsville . . . would you volunteer to help FMC collect coats?

MCC partner Team Brownsville welcomes your gently used winter coats and jackets! Team Brownsville seeks to share God’s love by welcoming asylum seekers, including providing them with warm coats. It’s as easy as collecting your gently used coats and jackets, boxing them up and shipping (up to) 70 lb./box to Team Brownsville – just follow the instructions at this link  Spring clean your closets and help Team Brownsville prepare for next winter! Have questions? Please email the MCC Central States Immigration Team at and either Abraham Diaz Alonso or Becky Teiwes, will respond. Please talk with Pastor Tonya or call the church office if you could provide a box and help ship a box of coats from FMC.

MCC Material Resources Center in North Newton critically low on inventory: An MCC kit cannot be distributed until each item for the kit is assembled, but some supplies in the Material Resources Center are so low that kits cannot be processed for shipping. You can help by filling the following needs: new infant sleepers (6-12 month sizes); bath towels (dark colored, light to medium weight); laundry soap (such as Fels Naptha or Zote brands); shampoo (20 oz min) and spiral notebooks (70 sheets). Buy online and ship it to MCC or bring items to MCC in North Newton (121 E. 30th St, North Newton, KS 67117). Questions are always welcome, please contact or 316.283.2720. A full list of MCC kit contents can be found at

Interested in working with MCC, or know someone who is? MCC is hiring a Community Engagement Coordinator!  The Community Engagement Coordinator, in North Newton, KS connects with local churches, individuals, and partners to educate on MCC material resources, programs, and events. Apply at the following link: Community Engagement Coordinator or find the job and other openings at

EVERENCE® MARCH WORKSHOP: Social Security and retirement income

Everence® will hold an informative Social Security and retirement incomeworkshop on Thursday, March 21, starting at 6:30 p.m. Topics will include, Social Security strategies, including when to begin taking benefits, risks that can impact your retirement savings plus strategies to help your income last throughout retirement. There will also be plenty of time for questions. The in-person workshop will be at the Everence office: 3179 N. Main St. Suite 1B, North Newton, KS. Information will be presented by staff from the Everence offices in Central Kansas. To register contact Everence at 316-283-3800, 877-467-7294 or


The February edition of On the Level is now available from Mennonite Disaster Service. In our current issue: Kevin King shares his insights on Jesus passion for sharing meals, learn how MDS volunteers are finding additional work along the Texas border, and find out why one woman says MDS is the light of Canada. 

Click on this link to read more:


Check out the most recent edition of Anabaptist Disabilities Network’s newsletter HERE!  This edition includes articles about chronic illness, as well as an interesting reflection on disability, prayer and healing.  You can also read a book review of: Dancing with Elephants: Mindfulness Training for those living with dementia, chronic illness, or an aging brain by Jarem Sawatzky.


Mennonite Heritage & Agricultural Museum – Goessel KS

Join museum supporters for the Heritage Dinner, April 5, 6:30 pm, at Tabor Mennonite Church, after which Mayleen Thiesen Vinson will share an entertaining and insightful portrayal of Fru Schmidt’s dilemma—what to pack for her family? Each adult ticket-holder was allowed to pack 27 cubic feet of baggage and freight. Consider that the Schmidts have ten children! Would you have packed a waffle iron, an anvil, or corncobs? Come find out! Tickets are on sale now! Contact the museum by April 1 (620.367.8200 or email to reserve your tickets for the Low German sausage meal catered by Goessel Grocery & Deli. Prices are $75 per person, ages 12 and under are $15, and first-time attenders are $40.  


“A Goodly Heritage,” a musical drama sharing a history of the Swiss Volynian Mennonites will be presented Saturday, March 23 at 7:00 and Sunday, March 24, at 2:00 at Eden Mennonite Church, 401 18th Ave., Moundridge, Kansas. One of many groups of Mennonites moving to the U.S. in  the 1870’s, the Schweitzers settled near (what is now) Moundridge, Kansas, and Freeman, South Dakota.  Mennonites were part of the larger Anabaptist movement that began in Europe in the early 1500’s.  The drama seeks to explain the religious beliefs underlying the Anabaptist movement, and the journey over centuries that brought these groups to America. The cast is made up of Schweitzer’s and friends, adults and children, from McPherson County and surrounding   areas.  Jenny Schrag, who wrote the drama and composed some of the music, is directing, along with Dawn Abrahams.  Bonita Howard is the choir director. Lyrics and music are by Jenny Schrag, with hymns from Voices Together and The Mennonite Hymnal (used with permission).

The drama is one of the events of the 150th celebration of forebears coming to the U.S. in 1874.  Admission is free.

Travel to Zurich + Swiss Alps – a 9-Day Tour in May 2025Tour sites: Lake Geneva, Murren – the Swiss mountain village accessed by cable car, and Mennonite heritage in Bern and the Emmental Valley. On May 29 we will join Anabaptists from around the world in Zurich in worship and celebration of the 500 Year beginning of Anabaptism. Details and registration coming soon. Preview the tour at To join the “Interested List” contact Weldon Martens at / 402-202-9276.