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Author: fhd-admin

September 9-15, 2020

Yesterday was Labor Day, a day our country has set aside to honor the accomplishments and achievements of workers of all kinds. The day recognizes how important each worker is, and offers a day set apart for celebration, fun, and respite. I love how the prayer below gives thanks for all kinds of ‘workers’ and […]

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August 26-September 1, 2020

Reflection on the 2020 Western District Conference Annual Assembly held virtually on August 1-2, contributed by Delon Martens, who served as a delegate for FMC. When Pastor Tonya gave us “word” stars at the beginning of 2020, she invited us to carry that word with us through the upcoming year being open to how that […]

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August 12-18, 2020

We need to lament, mourn, wail, and grieve. During the past few years, as I have studied trauma, I realized that our culture tends not to lament and grieve. I think the lack of lament creates more trauma because “our bodies keep the score”–our bodies remember what has happened to us. If we do not […]

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July 29 – August 4, 2020

“We are the fish in the fish bowl called God.” — Father Albert Haase (Catching Fire, Becoming Flame Video Series. Paraclete Press) A small group has been gathering on Tuesday mornings to watch and discuss Franciscan Fr. Albert Haase’s teaching on prayer and the spiritual life. His session unpacking the spiritual practice of the Prayer […]

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