Month: January 2021

January 20-26, 2021

I know I join many of you in wondering what this week will hold for our nation.  May our anchor be prayer to the God of the Universe who truly is larger than our fears, and the source of our trust be Jesus, who leads us on toward a love that defies human understanding and […]

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January 13-19, 2021

During Pastor Tonya’s introduction to the Luke sermon series on “The Jesus Way”, she mentioned Alexander John Shaia’s summary of the “four gospels path.” For Shaia, each gospel explores a different question:  Matthew, “how do we face change?”  Mark, “how do we move through suffering?” John, “how do we receive joy?” Luke, “how do we […]

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January 6-12, 2021

“Star the New Year!”  I’m curious if any of you caught my typo in the email I sent last week about the Personal Compass Journaling Exercise?  It took me awhile, but then I saw it:  “Personal Compass Journaling Exercise to star the New Year?”  Then I kept noticing the trouble I was having with typing […]

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