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Month: August 2022

This Week @ FMC – Aug 31-Sept 6, 2022

Two small yellow books have been riding around in my backpack this summer.  I’ve been mentioning them during my sermons recently, and thought I would put the details out there just in case any of the rest of you are interested in learning more. Both books were published very recently by MennoMedia: What Is God’s […]

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THIS WEEK @ FMC – August 24-30, 2022

As the new school year gets underway it’s a great time to remember the work and ministry of Salthawk Community Support.  The mission of Salthawk Community Support (SCS) is to work together to remove barriers to education for students in need at Hutchinson High School and HMS 8.  Pastor Tonya serves on the administrative board […]

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THIS WEEK @ FMC — August 17-23, 2022

Praying for the School Year (written by Illustrated Ministry): God of fresh starts and new beginnings, we bring ourselves, our big feelings, and our backpacks to you. In our backpacks, we carry blank pages, sharpened pencils, and pointy crayons, and in our hearts, we carry big feelings, unanswered questions, and hopeful expectations. There are endless […]

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THIS WEEK @ FMC – August 10-16, 2022

Then Jesus said, “This is what God’s kingdom is like. It’s as though someone scatters seed on the ground, then sleeps and wakes night and day. The seed sprouts and grows, but the farmer doesn’t know how. The earth produces crops all by itself, first the stalk, then the head, then the full head of grain.Whenever the […]

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THIS WEEK @ FMC – August 3-9, 2022

August 2 – election day here in Kansas.  This morning I decided to walk to our polling site at the State fairgrounds.  Our daughter is volunteering as an election worker there today and since one of our vehicles is at the mechanic I needed to pick up the car from her.  And, it was really […]

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