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Month: May 2022

THIS WEEK @ FMC – May 18-24, 2022

Paying attention to where God is at work is a life-long, daily, practice.  The prayer of examen is one tool at our fingertips, functioning like a magnifying glass to help us examine our ordinary days for signs of God’s activity and potential re-arranging of our hearts/minds/lives.    The prayer of examen is a traditional Christian […]

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THIS WEEK @ FMC – May 11-17, 2022

“Open my ears, Lord, to hear You speaking through other people. Open my eyes, Lord, to see you working in other people. Open my heart, Lord, to receive Your help from other people today.” (Lectio 365 Morning Devotion May 10, 2022) One way we hear the voice of God and experience the presence of God […]

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THIS WEEK @ FMC – May 4-10, 2022

Sunday’s Benediction: May we move into the terms of resurrection, the unknown, with confidence, sureness, and awareness. Steady in our knowing of the promise of new life. May we trust in the unseen, believe in miracles, not needing to see it before believing.  May we make peace with and nurture the process of growth, of […]

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