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Author: pastor-tonya

November 23-29, 2022

Belonging is something all of us long for, no matter our age or status.  A book I’m reading named it “one of the great spiritual hungers of our day.” (Kara Powell and Brad M. Griffin. 3 Big Questions that Change Every Teenager Baker Books. 2021). This question of belonging was the focus of our last […]

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This Week @ FMC – Aug 31-Sept 6, 2022

Two small yellow books have been riding around in my backpack this summer.  I’ve been mentioning them during my sermons recently, and thought I would put the details out there just in case any of the rest of you are interested in learning more. Both books were published very recently by MennoMedia: What Is God’s […]

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October 27-November 9, 2021

I’ve been meaning to ask … where do we go from here?  I hope this question from worship this past Sunday is still ringing in your ears, and the question you received if you attended worship in person is stirring in your heart.  All the questions distributed last week are copied below.  If you were […]

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This Week @ FMC March 24-30, 2021

“I want to see again!”  These the words erupted out of the blind man when he drew near to Jesus, to the heart of God (Luke 18).  There are so many stories in the gospels of Jesus healing the blind, breathing new life into the impossible.  John 9 holds what is probably my favorite story […]

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October 21-27, 2020

You are my God. I worship you. In my heart, I long for you, as I would long for a streamin a scorching desert.  (Psalm 62:1 CEV) The youngest in our congregation are memorizing this verse in their online Zoom Sunday School this fall, and since I join in with Joanna each week it’s been […]

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